Friday, 21 February 2014

You can use yarn in many ways

Our cats misinterpreted the saying; when the cat´s away the mice will play, and made an own version; when the mice is away the cats will play (r.i.p. all 5 gerbiles) . In case I have sensitive readers I wont post the picture of how two flowerpots  became cat littering boxes and what cat poop- disaster followed (somehow the whole thing also exploded around the livingroom)... How nice to wake up this morning...NOT!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tricot reel crocheting

Ok, I'll blog for my one and dearest reader :) I'm just so lazy with this updating. Well, anyhow I got one new tricot reel, and this reel is really soft (always nicer to crochet with a material that doesn't hurt your fingers).
The colour is something between beige and gray, I'll get back when I've made something out of it.

The remainings of the last tricot reel became a toy
                                     "my precious..."

With some tricot leftovers the boys got a new bed

The fox

The fox is currently visiting my work (pre-school) since it participated in a theater play and became a popular guest star.

In December I was selling products of my handcraft for the second time at a Christmas market.

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