Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Long time no crocheting or writing, sorry. I did some amigurumis for my shelf at Nelly's but then some things in my life changed and I didn't have the energy or inspiration to crochet anything. That's a shame since summer is the time when tourists wisit the shop... well anyway I found my inspiration after weeks, or was it a month, when we drove pass Alestalon textileshop and I suddenly remembered I needed more tricot reels. Some time ago I started crocheting a tricot pouf but I ran out of tricot yarn so now I bought some more and finished the pouf. The funny part was when I came to the stuffing. I had been saving some old cloths and leftovers to fill the pouf with but I can tell you that they didn't even fill it half way so I had to go through my closets until I had enough to fill the whole thing. And at the same time I got a chance to tidy up my closets that really needed it. The finished pouf;

 Some time ago I crocheted these for Nelly´s. I end my selling there 31.7.