Wednesday, 13 March 2013

T-shirt yarn projects

I used T-shirt yarn to make these;

Usually I make up my own patterns but now I was lazy and found a pic of this headband here
it was not an actual pattern, only a photo but I figured it out myself :)

And then I made a big necklace! Pattern is easy: ch 4, sc in third ch from hook, ch 4, sc in third ch form hook, and after repeating that for a while; tadaa finished!

I got so happy when I went to Nelly's today with some new products and saw that I have sold 4 amigurumis in less than 2 weeks. It's not even the season for tourists yet, so I'm really looking forward to summer.


  1. så fina! ojj, så många så roligt :) vika hadd du sålt?

  2. ja ble så glad för ja had sålt den blåa kaninen, en schroomy o en pablo ( plus nallen så blir de 4) o mamma sku köpa Lucy ti sin maskot.

  3. Joo hon ringd o berätta de igår :D OJ, så roligt! :) blåa kaninen <3 rip

  4. Ja tänkt att ingen aldri vill ha bluebunny :)

  5. de e den finaste av alla tycker ja!