Thursday, 14 March 2013

I like dots...

I found this lovely fabric at the craft fair and yesterday when I wanted to start sewing something of it I fell asleep and woke up 12(!) hours later and had overslept,  had 30 mins to get out of bed and head to work, I got there in time but I wonder why I needed so many hours of sleep.. Well today I have been anything but tired, did not even notice that the time flew by and suddenly it was bedtime. Just wanted to post this and then I'm heading to sandman's land. My sewing machine has been humming and I have really liked working with dots;



  1. Jätte kivoga! ugglan e super fin :) de e ett kiva tyg! Ojdå, du sov länge :D Ja ha fösökt sova längre nu när ja har haft skola senare, men nej ja vaknar redan pigg som en gris klockan 6 eller 7..

  2. Tack :) jo de e kiva tyg! man får välen rytm om man ofta stiger opp tidit så vänjer sig kroppen, lika som me mommo när hon va van ti stiga opp o mjölka kossorna så vaknar hon ännu sammma tid :)