Thursday, 28 February 2013

Schroomies and friends

I have a sore thumb thanks to all the safety eyes..they just wont attach to their washers..but every amigurumi needs eyes so I've been pushing hard! Today I left earlier from work and had time to make price tags for the "products". Now they are sitting on shelves at Nelly's waiting for someone to take them home. I took for sale a bunch of amigurumis I made a long time ago, but here are the new ones:

 I made more schroomies than this but didn't take a pic when all were finished, here's three from the schroomy family.

 The glue has not dried yet...

mega ears on a bunny... he's cuter irl


  1. ÅÅÅÅ! ljuvlig kanin! e den där figuren pablo från madagascar? den liknar iaf! :)

  2. tack :) de e en blandning av pablo o en pokemon :)