Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Penguins are adorable animals, but when one has crocheted two 30cm (11.8 inches) tall penguins on order they don't seem that lovley anymore. The making of the first penguin was fun and I finished him in a couple evenings. But the second.. was so boring to crochet, mostly because I already had made one similar. Well anyhow I got them both ready and mailed them to their buyer. One penguin got a pink bow and the other a light blue scarf. (One penguin is for a girl and the other for a boy). I'm sure they will get a good home. The girly penguin might miss our cat since it was used to get licked and loved by her when they sat on the sofa.
 Penguin Pattern is found at my etsy.

This penguingproject brought to mind the first time I made a pengu as a birthday gift, smaller but still cute;


  1. Dom e så härliga! Tänk om dom beställer mera pingviner! kanske baby pingun?