Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy new year

A good new year to you all and my deepest apologies for being so inactive with blogging. I do have a few explanations for leaving this blog for a while. One excuse is that we got a new camera, I was unable to transfer any photos to the computer and I didn't like the idea of blogging without including pictures. (Now I got a new laptop) One other big reason is that I have had the most time-consuming project ever. I don't even remember where or why it all started but I dragged out my sewing machine from the closet and started gathering all kinds of fabrics. At first I went trough mum's assortment (yes she's got loads) and took plenty of cloth pieces. I sewed vanity cases and small bags and learned techniques by watching youtube tutorials and by sewing wrong, ripping it up, and trying again. I went searching more cloth from second hand shops and flee markets and I made some true findings! Once we went for a whole days drive just so I could get my hands on all the things one can get from a closed old dressmaker's shop. And even that wasn't enough... I also bought 160 zippers in all colours.
 The whole autumn went by and the pile of hand sewn clutches grew. Winter came and so did the winter markets. By then I had sewn so many bags, purses, phone sleeves and potholders (plus crocheted Christmas amigurumis and snowflakes)  that I was blinded by my work. I realised the amount of time I had put into my handcrafting when I took part in two Christmas markets and saw that barely 1/3 of my products got room on the table. Still it was a nice experience and I do have some new ideas for next Christmas. 

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