Monday, 28 January 2013

Blanket has come in use

This winter both our catlady and my sisters two cats have had ear mites and I have had ear inflammation.  I had my ear drops and the cat had hers, the difference was that I took my drops nicely and she didn't. I had good help of my large sofa blanket I crocheted some time ago. The cat didn't get to escape when she couldn't move a leg. She thought she outsmarted me and hide herself... when she cant see me I can't reach her ears...she wished. Poor girl. But we see the light in the end of the tunnel now, getting better! Thank you blanket for the help!

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I'm a color person, I have always been. I only wear cloths if they are any shades of blue, (including mint and other blue/green colors) black, grey, white or beige. But I do like to crochet with different colors. Pink is normally a disgusting choice of color for me, but it's perfectly fine to crochet with. I find that odd.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Color problems

I'm frustrated at the changing colors when taking photographs and putting them on my laptop. The thing is I crocheted a couple necklaces in blue/green and I really like the color, then I take a pic, (tried two different cameras) and put it on my laptop... and what do I see; the necklace has changed its color on the photo! ARGH! This is not the first time, and yes I know that different computers show different colors but I'm so sad about it. Anyhow here's the necklaces in the not-the-right-color;

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Penguins are adorable animals, but when one has crocheted two 30cm (11.8 inches) tall penguins on order they don't seem that lovley anymore. The making of the first penguin was fun and I finished him in a couple evenings. But the second.. was so boring to crochet, mostly because I already had made one similar. Well anyhow I got them both ready and mailed them to their buyer. One penguin got a pink bow and the other a light blue scarf. (One penguin is for a girl and the other for a boy). I'm sure they will get a good home. The girly penguin might miss our cat since it was used to get licked and loved by her when they sat on the sofa.
 Penguin Pattern is found at my etsy.

This penguingproject brought to mind the first time I made a pengu as a birthday gift, smaller but still cute;

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy new year

A good new year to you all and my deepest apologies for being so inactive with blogging. I do have a few explanations for leaving this blog for a while. One excuse is that we got a new camera, I was unable to transfer any photos to the computer and I didn't like the idea of blogging without including pictures. (Now I got a new laptop) One other big reason is that I have had the most time-consuming project ever. I don't even remember where or why it all started but I dragged out my sewing machine from the closet and started gathering all kinds of fabrics. At first I went trough mum's assortment (yes she's got loads) and took plenty of cloth pieces. I sewed vanity cases and small bags and learned techniques by watching youtube tutorials and by sewing wrong, ripping it up, and trying again. I went searching more cloth from second hand shops and flee markets and I made some true findings! Once we went for a whole days drive just so I could get my hands on all the things one can get from a closed old dressmaker's shop. And even that wasn't enough... I also bought 160 zippers in all colours.
 The whole autumn went by and the pile of hand sewn clutches grew. Winter came and so did the winter markets. By then I had sewn so many bags, purses, phone sleeves and potholders (plus crocheted Christmas amigurumis and snowflakes)  that I was blinded by my work. I realised the amount of time I had put into my handcrafting when I took part in two Christmas markets and saw that barely 1/3 of my products got room on the table. Still it was a nice experience and I do have some new ideas for next Christmas.