Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spring in the air

The best part of the year isn't it? The spring is rumbling forward with clumsy steps and the snow is melting bit by bit. The best part is yet to come(; summer of course) but I'm trying to learn how to live in the moment and enjoy what I have now. So I decided to think of what spring brings to my mind at this moment;
- Colours
- My birthday
- Spring feelings and castration
- Sunshine
Does that sound weird? Let me enlighten the meaning of my choice of words.

After winter and wearing grey/black coloured clothing I'd like to welcome the new colorful nail polish, the bracelet I got as a birthday present from my mum, the Moomin cup I got as present (includes also a bowl) and all this in my favourite colour.
I cant help myself-and I admit it- I'm like the children at my work when it comes to birthdays. I like having birthday, getting self made cards and invite friends and family over for an old-fashioned birthday party. But I think my dad made me not wanting to celebrate in the future when he gladly said in front of the other guests: Well, now you are half way to 50! 
I might not have figured that out if he hadn't said it....

Spring feelings is something that strikes children, teenagers, adults, seniors.......and cats.
The children at work are getting spring feelings both for each others and for school (since they begin school after summer and can't wait for that to happen)
The ones that have been struck most by the spring feelings (as it were a disease of some kind) is my mums two gentlemen cats. Mum did not exactly jump in the air of excitement, rather of rage and fury when she noticed that her two cats had peed all over the place, and I can tell you that isn't the most nicest odour. So today I went with the crying and shaking cats to the vet and..the rest you know.

A sure sign of spring is the sunshine, I have been sitting on the balcony listening to the birds singing and enjoying the sunshine. I have no pictures of the sunshine from this spring, but I guess you all can imagine what it's like. 

Here is one sunshine that shines year round, not only in the spring! Next mont our godson has his name day, and I can't come up with anything to crochet for him although I would like to make something as a gift. Well, I have some time still to figure out something.


  1. I love spring and fall the best. Summer almost gets too hot to enjoy at times, but I love the two in between seasons we get.

  2. ähh, igen kom int min kommentar fram.. ja glömmer alltin dendä spelling grejen. Men i alla fall ett kiva inlägg :) findus & spirou bildena e så roliga! o erik o du ser så söta ut!

  3. :) ja fota ida när spirou va in i mammas städbytta me moppen. O så försökt han äta argsint opp kvitto av veterinärbesöke när ja ga de åt mamma

  4. :) haha, dom e no roliga!