Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The blanket project

Remember my blanket project?
I have had some time to work on the blanket and now I'm starting to see some progress. Happily I sat the other evening and crocheted on the blanket and proudly said to my better half: "Look, isn't it quite large already!"  He looked at the blanket and said "well..1/3 is done."
Is the glass half full or half empty? I have to see it as half full when having a long project like this, otherwise it's easier just to buy a blanket from the shop.

Our new sofa is scheduled to arrive next week or the week after that. Can't wait!!

 To add a little extra I made waves on both sides of the blanket.


  1. ja tycker du ha kommi jätte långt! :) den kommer vara superfin när den e färdig! :) gå o kolla på min påskhare, den ble klar idag :)

  2. Always better to have a postive attitude.