Thursday, 16 February 2012

What have I gotten myself into..

Our new black sofa is scheduled to arrive sometimes in the middle of march and now I started crocheting a blanket for it. The thing is I bought the yarn already last summer in the hope of having the time to start making the blanket for our old sofa. Well who would have guessed; I didn't. So..the time passed and when we decided to order a new sofa I remembered OH THE BLANKET! And for once when you really come up with the idea of something the yarn is waiting in the closet! Normally I can't get started with a new project right away when the inspiration is tickling in my fingers because the yarn still is in the shop.

The colours of the yarn is black and white just like the most of our furnishment. I sometimes think about the stereotype picture of a crocheter (or knitter) loving colours and wanting to bring all the colours of the rainbow into their home.. and then I look around in our black and white decorated and furnished home, I can't help myself going against the flow and love it.

Well, the blanket project is probably going to take a while since it's planed to be quite large. First I thought  " this is a simple case, just crochet back and forth" and that I could watch TV and crochet at the same time looking at the blanket making with a half eye. But then... I decided to do it the hard way. Of course I did. I wanted to crochet in a sick-sack pattern! And being stubborn and wanting to make all the patterns myself I sat and tried to get it into sick-sack. It took a while but then I suddenly got it and after 8 rnds of 29 inches it looks like this. I'm competing against the time as I would like to have the blanket ready when the new sofa arrives. Hold your thumbs up for me!


  1. You've got a nice ripple pattern going.

  2. Thanx! Can't wait to have it finished!

  3. thumbs up! de bolir no fint :) mycky o göra bara :D