Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Handmade presents

I would like to praise all the handmade gifts one can make, give and get. As a teacher in kindergarden I get handmade presents almost every day from my lovely children there. Often I get drawn pictures from the girls in my group, flooding with hearts, flowers and butterflies. And this very morning I got a colorful drawing from a 3 year old boy from the small childrens group. He came to me, handed over the picture and said "this is for you" I said something like "oh thank you how nice of you". Then the little boy with his big blue eyes looked at me and asked "do you have own boys at home?" I answered "no, I don't have any boys". He leaned his head to one side and wondered "where are they then?"
The mind of a small child is so wonderful, they see the world from a quite different view than we adults do. Still he understood what many adults don't get. A handmade present is the best gift you can give and get!
I made this angel for my best friend as christmas present 2010
Pearls on bended iron thread

Last christmas I made loads of different jars in all sizes
This one has a crocheted band with small pearls and a heart made of felt glued on

My very talented sister made this for me, a appreciated gift

At Easter these cute chickens will appear on the table, I made them for my self some years ago
The chicken bodies are made of toilet rolls and cloth,  and the eggs are painted with oil colour

This handmade tiffany boat is a gift from my mum. Tiffany is one of her hobbies 
The boat hangs in our kitchen window


  1. It is one of the reasons I love to get handmade holiday decorations. Every year I take them out at Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. and it does bring to mind who made them. My MIL started a tradtion of handmade ornaments with my niece going back to packing peanuts strung together as wreaths to hang on the tree. I still pack each ornament she made carefully away each year along with the very beautiful beaded ones she makes today. They are a wonderful history of her growing up at Christmas.

  2. Sounds wonderful, It's true that you remember who made the gift for you when it's handmade. And I think it's a more valuable gift if it's made with love and in thoughts of the one you make it for :) Still there are some people that don't think the same, I have a feeling the gifts sometimes gets the treatment of "oh she didn't want to spend any money on me so she just made something her self"

  3. åå va fina! jee ja ha kommi me :) Så sött av dendär lilla pojken! De va som en pojke i Miikas dansgrupp som fråga om Miika äger dansskolan :D Och sen va de en annan pojke som fråga om Miika tränar hemma, Miika svara att de int finns tillräkligt med utrymme, så sa pojken att Miika borde köpa ett egnahemshus fö där rymms man o träna bra :)