Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Handmade presents

I would like to praise all the handmade gifts one can make, give and get. As a teacher in kindergarden I get handmade presents almost every day from my lovely children there. Often I get drawn pictures from the girls in my group, flooding with hearts, flowers and butterflies. And this very morning I got a colorful drawing from a 3 year old boy from the small childrens group. He came to me, handed over the picture and said "this is for you" I said something like "oh thank you how nice of you". Then the little boy with his big blue eyes looked at me and asked "do you have own boys at home?" I answered "no, I don't have any boys". He leaned his head to one side and wondered "where are they then?"
The mind of a small child is so wonderful, they see the world from a quite different view than we adults do. Still he understood what many adults don't get. A handmade present is the best gift you can give and get!
I made this angel for my best friend as christmas present 2010
Pearls on bended iron thread

Last christmas I made loads of different jars in all sizes
This one has a crocheted band with small pearls and a heart made of felt glued on

My very talented sister made this for me, a appreciated gift

At Easter these cute chickens will appear on the table, I made them for my self some years ago
The chicken bodies are made of toilet rolls and cloth,  and the eggs are painted with oil colour

This handmade tiffany boat is a gift from my mum. Tiffany is one of her hobbies 
The boat hangs in our kitchen window

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What have I gotten myself into..

Our new black sofa is scheduled to arrive sometimes in the middle of march and now I started crocheting a blanket for it. The thing is I bought the yarn already last summer in the hope of having the time to start making the blanket for our old sofa. Well who would have guessed; I didn't. So..the time passed and when we decided to order a new sofa I remembered OH THE BLANKET! And for once when you really come up with the idea of something the yarn is waiting in the closet! Normally I can't get started with a new project right away when the inspiration is tickling in my fingers because the yarn still is in the shop.

The colours of the yarn is black and white just like the most of our furnishment. I sometimes think about the stereotype picture of a crocheter (or knitter) loving colours and wanting to bring all the colours of the rainbow into their home.. and then I look around in our black and white decorated and furnished home, I can't help myself going against the flow and love it.

Well, the blanket project is probably going to take a while since it's planed to be quite large. First I thought  " this is a simple case, just crochet back and forth" and that I could watch TV and crochet at the same time looking at the blanket making with a half eye. But then... I decided to do it the hard way. Of course I did. I wanted to crochet in a sick-sack pattern! And being stubborn and wanting to make all the patterns myself I sat and tried to get it into sick-sack. It took a while but then I suddenly got it and after 8 rnds of 29 inches it looks like this. I'm competing against the time as I would like to have the blanket ready when the new sofa arrives. Hold your thumbs up for me!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And so the pattern competition comes to and end. And surprise, surprise the only participant will win the pattern that was the favorite and had the best (and only) explanation to it. And the winner is : Bailey who gets the pattern for Valentine bear! What an excellent choice! And so suitable for this day! Gratulations to the winner! Thank you for taking part in the pattern competition! Maybe I get more anxious participants next time!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Need testers for poncho pattern

CASE CLOSED :) I got two testers for the pattern!

I finally finished my poncho with cowl neck! I started it in the autumn 2011, had a pause and finished it in january. Now I would need a volunteer crocheter to have a look at the pattern and test it. Anyone needing a poncho this cold winter? :) The yarn used is 100% wool bulky yarn in dark beige color and hook size is 7,0mm.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Dear crocheter fellows!

Among the patterns in my etsy you can choose your favorite pattern, comment to this post and tell which pattern that is and write a short explanation on why it's your choise. The two best explanations win and the reward will be the pattern you liked the most! Remember to put your e-mail adress in the comment so that I can send the winners the patterns!

The winners will be announced on Valentine's day Tuesday 14.2.2012
Good Luck choosing your favorite pattern from http://www.etsy.com/shop/wwwamigurumishopcom !

Monday, 6 February 2012

The winter is a season when all kinds of ideas comes to my head, there is so much to crochet. Here are some things I crocheted this winter.

Theese small slippers were made for my godson, even though they don't fit quite yet
  Socks will come in use this cold winter

 A neckwarmer in one of my favorite colours!

Welcome to Jamigurumiworld

Hi and Welcome to my blog Jamigurumiworld. As the name says it has something to do with amigurumis, but there is no amigurumis without crocheting, or crocheing as others write it. How do you think it's written? Both spellings are found at google. 
Well anyhow, I myself like to crochet and I make up my own patterns. My amigurumi patterns can be found at etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/wwwamigurumishopcom?ref=pr_shop_more and some of them are at my web shop at http://www.amigurumishop.com/  Go and have a look!

I have also crocheted some stuff on order, for example those candy's you see in this blog were made as childrens christmas present for a teacher. And last Easter I made theese bunny's (on pic) and chickens on order for my workmates grandchildren. Those were also the first amigurumis I made.