Saturday, 1 September 2012

Black Cat

Again I made something for work, this time my coworker needed a cat for a chant. I crocheted a black cat whit white "socks". The cat has a bigger head in proportion to the body, in amigurumi style. The story about the making of the cat is short and boring; I watched tv and made the cat in one evening. The cat will in-spite of that have a splendid life full of excitement since he is surrounded with 21 kids, and the chant he plays a role in includes chasing rats, so I'm sure he will be a happy cat.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sewed a skirt

I've been home alone today and thought this might be a great opportunity to make something out of the lovely cloth I found at mum's.

First I had a top of some kind on my mind, but I'm not that great at sewing so I decided not to ruin the small piece of cloth I had, not to mention my mood. I started to measure and pin up (is that the correct pronunciation, because when I Google it..... you can imagine the rest) and after a while I was sewing a skirt.

It took a while but I'm glad I made a skirt. I had to call my mum and ask her if she as an educated artisan can tell me if the pleat can be put in the front or if it always should be at the back. I had to make a pleat so that it would allow the garment to expand its shape, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sit when wearing it. My mum was of the opinion that the pleat can be put both in the front and back. And then, again, I googled and found that yes the pleat can be in front. It does not show very well at the pics, but it's there.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Birthday presents

We have a tradition at my work which is that we celebrate every child at their birthday. They get a card and a present from us. The present is something small that they get to choose from the "magic box". This year I and my crocheting coworker have decided to crochet all the 21 presents! The good thing about this project is that we have to come up with 21 different presents so we won't get bored crocheting the same thing for everyone. We make crocheted fridgies, so we glue on magnets behind every crocheted figure. We have 14 boys and 7 girls in our group.
So far I have made;

A dragon 
pattern from

Spiders, own creation, no pattern written down

Hearts, used help from pattern at 

 An octopus, own creation

I have also made lizards, but didn't take pics of them. Still there are many ideas yet to pop up in my head and loads of figures to make. Good thing the kids don't have their b-day all at the same time!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Long time since I crocheted so that's why I haven't blogged anything in a while, sorry for that.

The summer vacation is behind and now back at work the children have got a new pedagogic measuring tool from me; Measure-rat. His tail is one meter long and every centimetre from 1-10 is a different colour so that the kids easily sees the length they measure. This rat is the first pattern of a collection I will make, use at work, blog about and have for sale at my etsy. The collection is called pedagogic patterns, and I aim to crochet things, amigurumis, who knows what else, that i can use whit children and that they can play with, and learn new things at the same time.

I myself always have had trouble and difficulties knowing how long 1 cm, 10 cm or 40 cm is so I can assume that the kids could be wondering about lengths to. Last year we measured the lengths of different birds but only used a plain ruler. That's when I got the idea of making it more funny and easier for the children to see and understand what we are measuring.
Pattern for Measure-rat is found at 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sewing for a change

Sewing is quite nice but nerve wracking. I got my own sewing machine as a child and sewed at that time now and then. But since time has gone by and my sewing skills are at a beginners level... I loose my temper when I make the same mistakes over and over. Well anyhow, after trying a while this is what I managed to make; 

Some keychains

and some babushka pincushions

You'll find these on my etsy. 

Shame I didn't take a pic of the basket I crocheted of one of these. I already took the light blue basket to our summer cottage. But I might make more of them. And I think I'll crochet some slippers to wear at the cottage since the floor always makes my feet cold. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Something new from something old

Happy mothersday to all mums!
We celebrated mothersday with our mum, traditionally with presents, flowers and new for this year; selfmade mud cake. At the end of the day we went trough some of her old textiles and I made some findings. I am inspired to make something new of theese darlings.

I also found an old friend; Mandolina

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spring in the air

The best part of the year isn't it? The spring is rumbling forward with clumsy steps and the snow is melting bit by bit. The best part is yet to come(; summer of course) but I'm trying to learn how to live in the moment and enjoy what I have now. So I decided to think of what spring brings to my mind at this moment;
- Colours
- My birthday
- Spring feelings and castration
- Sunshine
Does that sound weird? Let me enlighten the meaning of my choice of words.

After winter and wearing grey/black coloured clothing I'd like to welcome the new colorful nail polish, the bracelet I got as a birthday present from my mum, the Moomin cup I got as present (includes also a bowl) and all this in my favourite colour.
I cant help myself-and I admit it- I'm like the children at my work when it comes to birthdays. I like having birthday, getting self made cards and invite friends and family over for an old-fashioned birthday party. But I think my dad made me not wanting to celebrate in the future when he gladly said in front of the other guests: Well, now you are half way to 50! 
I might not have figured that out if he hadn't said it....

Spring feelings is something that strikes children, teenagers, adults, seniors.......and cats.
The children at work are getting spring feelings both for each others and for school (since they begin school after summer and can't wait for that to happen)
The ones that have been struck most by the spring feelings (as it were a disease of some kind) is my mums two gentlemen cats. Mum did not exactly jump in the air of excitement, rather of rage and fury when she noticed that her two cats had peed all over the place, and I can tell you that isn't the most nicest odour. So today I went with the crying and shaking cats to the vet and..the rest you know.

A sure sign of spring is the sunshine, I have been sitting on the balcony listening to the birds singing and enjoying the sunshine. I have no pictures of the sunshine from this spring, but I guess you all can imagine what it's like. 

Here is one sunshine that shines year round, not only in the spring! Next mont our godson has his name day, and I can't come up with anything to crochet for him although I would like to make something as a gift. Well, I have some time still to figure out something.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A long project has come to its end

What started as a thought and became a dream, incubated into a obsession, beginned as a long zigzaged  project, expanded in details, and lasted for 2 months, has now reached what I like to call a long awaited end. In other words; the blanket is finished.

After weaving in 53 ends (...yes I counted them) the blanket was done and was ready to take its place in the arms of our new sofa.

It's perfect for taking naps.
Just ask if you are interested in the pattern!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter chicklet

I made one more thing (or acctually 3more) for Easter. A chicklet! It is very easy made, and I crocheted 3 chicklets the same evening.
The Easter basket, the Easter eggs, the Easter bunny and the three chicklets have found a home. I "donated" them to work and I have been playing with the children using the eggbasket. It's nice to see that the things I crochet can be used like this.

Here is one of the three chicklets. The beak was kinda tricky, it still looks quite large...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The blanket project

Remember my blanket project?
I have had some time to work on the blanket and now I'm starting to see some progress. Happily I sat the other evening and crocheted on the blanket and proudly said to my better half: "Look, isn't it quite large already!"  He looked at the blanket and said "well..1/3 is done."
Is the glass half full or half empty? I have to see it as half full when having a long project like this, otherwise it's easier just to buy a blanket from the shop.

Our new sofa is scheduled to arrive next week or the week after that. Can't wait!!

 To add a little extra I made waves on both sides of the blanket.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Easter Bunny came to visit

Even though I said earlier that I wouldn't make a bunny this year.. I couldn't resist the temtation and so I still did make one. The bunny pattern I made up is really easy so it only took about 3h to make the whole bunny.

I used the last I had left off the 100% wool bulky yarn (yes the same as I used for the poncho, and the cupcake, and the basket). It was a very nice yarn to work with.

I made a Easter package consisting the basket, 6 eggs and the bunny. One can wonder how the bunny will be able to carry the basket since he doesn't have arms and is a bit smaller than the basket..

Friday, 16 March 2012

Easter basket with eggs

While this tireing flu-and-flu-after-sicknes-or-what-ever thing is still the same after one week of spending my hours growing in to the sofa with honeytee and tea and honeytee and... warm tee, one other thing has gone forward and that is my Easter project. YEY!

The Easter basket with eggs pattern is ready! The Pattern is here.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ongoing Easter project

The spring flue and fever has got it's grip on me and as I'm home from work the hours of laying on the sofa or in the bed gets kinda boring. So I decided that now is the time to start the Easter project. I got the idea some time ago, so I new what I wanted to make. Last year I made easter bunnies and chicklets so this year I saw clearly the picture before my eyes: a basket with Easter eggs in all colours. I had some yarn left over from the poncho making so that was a clear choice for the basket.

Now I have made the basket and started planning the eggs. And the eggs will be in all kind of different wonderful colours. I'll show you the finished project when I have done all the eggs!
Until then, keep on crocheting!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I got a whole bunch of wooden pearls from my mother in law. I'm gonna use them, just haven't got any ideas yet. 

I have worked on the sofa blanket for a while and now I've run out of white yarn. Couldn't' find the right yarn in the shop I suppose I need to have a pause with the blanket until I find the yarn. 
What I do have is a lot of colorful yarn. I feel that I should start planning some kind of Easter patterns soon!